Be Smart. BeeHydrated! – Presentations to school aged children on the importance of proper hydration.

Drink More. Age Better – Information about proper hydration for the aging adult.

Beat the Heat – Presentations to  athletes, coaches, and parents on proper hydration and heat illness prevention.

Educational Resources – Distribution of squeeze bottles and educational pamphlets to support our educational presentations.

Community Involvement – Representation at health fairs to educate the public about our mission and activities

Cool Huts – Misting tents with free ice water at outdoor public summer events to keep the community hydrated and safe.

Annual Youth Run – Educate youth about the importance of physical fitness and hydration needs through a run specially for youth at our Hydration Celebration.

Partnerships with other sports injury prevention groups, wellness organizations, and organizations with a common mission or reach.

Web presence to allow for regional and national reach.

Coming soon! – Educational programs for the industrial workforce.