Back 2 School
Blaster Bash
Community Foam Dart Battles & Fun

Friday, September 29, 2023

Come enjoy NWA’s newest community event – the Back 2 School Blaster Bash! Everyone from 5-105 years old are welcome! Bring your toy blasters (Nerf, DartZone, Adventure Force, X-Shot, etc.) and your energy!!

Feel free to sign up for multiple rounds –

All proceeds support KFHfL’s mission to promote proper hydration and prevent heat illness.

Blaster Battle Times:

4:00pm – Check-In Begins (Pickup Wrist Bands)
5:30pm – 12 & Under
6:00pm – 12 & Under
6:25pm – 13 & Up
6:45pm – Adults v. Kids
7:10pm – 12 & Under
7:40pm – 12 & Under *GLOW Battle*
8:05pm – Adults vs. Kids *GLOW Battle*
8:30pm – 13 & UP *GLOW Battle*


Tickets to this family-friendly event include registration to the designated round(s) of blaster battles, face painting, balloon animals, bounce houses, and more! Visit local vendors and business, purchase concessions, and stick around for the “Shoot for the Moon” After-Party, hosted by NWA Space. This Star Party is sure to be out of this world!

Blasters: Players must bring their own, unmodified, toy blaster to the event. Any modifications to blasters will not be allowed on the field. No gel blasters. Any store-available blaster brand is welcome, as long as they are stock and not modified. Foam Darts will be provided.

Eyewear:  Every player on the field must wear eye protection! This can be Nerf brand eyewear, clear eye protection glasses, or sunglasses. Players will not be permitted on the field without eye protection.

Game Rules: All rounds are “free-for-all” play. There will be no purposely shooting players in the face or above the neck. All players must wear eye protection and bring their own blasters. Foam darts will be provide when entering the field. All blasters should be stock, unmodified, and readily available to purchase from stores. Players will enter the field at the beginning of their timeframe. When the whistle blows, players will fill their blasters with foam darts from the ground and begin the round. Each round is 15 minutes long. When the ending whistle blows, players will empty all foam darts back onto the ground and exit the field.

*GLOW* Rounds: Tickets to Glow rounds include 20 minutes of game time, glow sticks, and “Out of this World” glow fun!

Check-In: Check-in will begin at 4:00pm, under the Osage Park Pavilion. Please bring your email confirmation of which round you signed up for. You will then receive a colored wrist band that will let you onto the field at your designated time. We suggest arriving at least 1 hour before your 1st Round.

Weather: This event is outdoor and will be weather permitting. If the event is cancelled due to weather, tickets are nonrefundable and are considered a charity donation. Thank you for your support!

Waiver & Photo Release: Please read the entire waiver and photo release. By purchasing a ticket, you have acknowledged that you read and agree to all terms.

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