Cntribute to the cause

Saving Lives for 25 years!

Losing a child is a hard. Losing a child to a preventable tragedy may be even harder. Having the community support you in your sorrow is a blessing. In 1995, the community shared in our grief and raised $5,000. Those funds were used to educate others. The mission was born: Promote proper hydration and prevent heat illness through education and supporting activities.

In the spring of 1996 the first mission activity of Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life was to distribute 5,000 squeeze bottles with hydration reminders and a pamphlet with heat illness prevention guidelines. Since then, through the support of our donors, Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life has used the message on a bottle and education sessions to reach over 300,000 youth in Northwest Arkansas and across the state with this life saving mission.

As we move into our 25th year we will continue our bottle and education programs and are excited to announce a cool immersion tub program to help schools that don’t have the budget for a cool immersion tub. Extensive medical research shows there is a 100 percent survival rate if a person with exertional heat stroke is immersed in cold water within 10 minutes. The body can be brought to a safe temperature in 15 minutes.

This year, in honor of our 25 years of educating and saving lives, would you join us in a commitment of giving $25 a month for 25 months?

Thank you so much for your commitment to our mission and for helping us continue to save lives! YOU are making our life saving mission possible!