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The “Be Smart. BeeHydrated!” resource was developed to coincide with current standards being taught and addresses appropriate talking points and activities concerning the importance of proper hydration. The program educates students on the importance of healthy drink choices, body systems, measurement, active living, and the dangers of obesity. Messages and reminders are printed on the squeeze bottle to reinforce the importance of “Be Smart. BeeHydrated!”

The take-home pamphlet is a tool to help students share information with others in the household. Proper hydration aids in more than physical wellness. For the brain to work well it needs oxygen, which is carried in red blood cells that float in the blood. Blood gets thicker as a body becomes dehydrated. Drinking water allows the blood to flow easier, thus carrying oxygen faster. Therefore, drinking water not only helps in hydration, it also helps oxygenate the brain! A hydrated student is more likely to be a better learner.

Request Program

Thank you for modeling and teaching proper hydration! Together we are making a difference in the knowledge level and healthy habits of our community. Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life (KFHfL) has many requests for presentations and water bottles and, because of this, we have created a process to guide us in delivering programs and materials based on funding available. Requests for presentations and squeeze bottles will be reviewed twice a year: December for the spring sessions and in June for the fall sessions.

Our hope is that everyone has the information needed to prevent heat illness and to be properly hydrated. Our outreach is based on funding and volunteer support. We will attempt to personally visit as many sites as our resources allow! We do have online resources, videos and support activities available as well.


Here are a few other fabulous resources, places to visit and to support the education of heat illness.

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