Heat Illness -Youth and Athletes

Educating parents, coaches, and athletes is critical to preventing heat illness! On this page you will find all the content you need to host a successful parent meeting to improve safety for your athletes. Remember: heat illness prevention is a TEAM effort that requires parents, coaches, and athletes all working together!



    1. Schedule a meeting with parents and athletes and make sure all coaches are also present. This sends the message that the topic is important! Having all in the same room will make sure everyone is getting the same message. (This meeting can serve multiple purposes for the team; however, athlete safety should be a priority in this meeting.) Allow about 45 minutes for the Heat Illness portion of the meeting including the PowerPoint, Cool Down First Video, and the handouts.
    2. Make the meeting a requirement to attend either in person or online.
    3. The presenter can be a school nurse, local physician, athletic trainer, or other individual knowledgeable about proper hydration and heat illness prevention.
    4. Set up PowerPoint and test video link
    5. Have the handout printed for each attendee to complete the quiz (Yes, a quiz! This is important information they need to know!) and sign before they leave the meeting. You can do the quiz as a group and make it fun and engaging. Maybe even offer prizes (toss out a squeeze bottle or t-shirt) for those that shout the right answers.


Suggested meeting schedule:


    1. Sign in
    2. Welcome
    3. Introduction of presenter
    4. Presentation:
      1. Handouts distributed
      2. PowerPoint & video
      3. Provide time to complete the Quiz
      4. Closing and collect signed forms; have parents retain the top two pages of the handout for reference
    5. Closing and any other content included in this meeting

Parent Meeting Presentation


Hydration and Heat Illness - Parent Meeting Handout

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